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Limit Switch

Hankun Company can provide all accessories for pneumatic actuators such as limit switches, solenoid valves, air filter regulators, positioners, etc. For international customers, we can provide international brands such as ROTORK, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Emerson and other mainstream brands to meet all customer requirements.

Valve limit switch is a field instrument for detecting valve status in automatic control system. It outputs the open or closed position of the valve as a switch signal, which is received by the remote controller or the computer searches for sampling. After confirmation, the next program is executed. This product can also be used as an important valve chain protection and remote alarm indication in the automatic control system.

Commonly used limit switches are classified into mechanical type and electromagnetic induction type according to function; according to working conditions, there are ordinary type and explosion-proof type.



Product Introduction

The three-dimensional position indicator can clearly show the position of the valve.

The switch position can be clearly identified by the indicator.

Multi-contact internal connection circuit board. The internal 8 contact wiring boards conform to the standard of micro switch, DPDT switch is optional, proximity switch, magnetic switch is optional and can be used for solenoid valve connection.

"Quick position" cam; the adjustable cam of the limit switch is installed by splines and springs; the position of the switch cam can be adjusted quickly without tools.

Temperature: -25~85℃, protection grade: IP67, optional IP68, explosion-proof grade: ExdII BT6, Exd IICT6, in line with EN50014/50018 standards.

Die-casting aluminum alloy shell, powder coating, anti-corrosion

IP68 waterproof

Polycarbonate transparent top cover, shatterproof

Red, yellow/green indicator

Serrated cam lock, precise position adjustment, anti-vibration

Integrated circuit board to reduce internal wiring layout

Anti-corrosion circuit board

Built-in solenoid valve standard access port

Electrical interface: 1/2"NPT, 1/2"G, M20X1.5, 3/4"NPT

Namur installation standard

Bracket available, the bracket material can choose SS304.

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