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Air Filter Regulator

Hankun Company can provide all accessories for pneumatic actuators such as limit switches, solenoid valves, air filter regulators, positioners, etc. For international customers, we can provide international brands such as ROTORK, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Emerson and other mainstream brands to meet all customer requirements.

The air filter regulator is an auxiliary device of the pneumatic actuator combination unit. After inputting 0.3~1.0MPa compressed air, it can provide 0.1~1.0MPa clean air source to the pneumatic actuator and valve positioner. The air filter regulator belongs to the pilot piston type pressure reducing valve. It consists of two parts: main valve and pilot valve. The main valve is mainly composed of valve seat, main valve disc, piston, spring and other parts. The pilot valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve clack, diaphragm, spring, adjusting spring and other parts. The outlet pressure is set by adjusting the spring pressure, the diaphragm is used to sense the outlet pressure change, and the pilot valve is opened and closed to drive the piston to adjust the flow area of the main valve throttling part to realize the function of pressure reduction and stabilization. This product is mainly used in gas pipelines, such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, liquefied gas, natural gas and other gases.



Product Introduction

The air filter regulator has the following characteristics:

With sophisticated technology, exquisite structure, beautiful appearance; pure filtration, equipped with PE microporous filter element, the air filter regulator can be used repeatedly; with air filtration and pressure reduction dual function, stable pressure output; key parts are made of stainless steel; sewage drainage is convenient and effective; aluminum The alloy castings are treated with anodic oxidation, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which is firm, beautiful and corrosion-resistant; it is integrated with the electrical converters and electrical valve positioners produced by the factory to achieve an integrated factory, which makes the installation more convenient and the structure more exquisite and beautiful.

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