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Hankun Company can provide all accessories for pneumatic actuators such as limit switches, solenoid valves, air filter regulators, positioners, etc. For international customers, we can provide international brands such as ROTORK, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Emerson and other mainstream brands to meet all customer requirements.

Valve positioner is a device that receives 4-20mA weak current signals from the controller or control system, and sends air signals to the pneumatic actuator to control the valve position.

Valve positioners can be divided into pneumatic valve positioners, electro-pneumatic valve positioners and intelligent valve positioners according to their structure and working principle.

The valve positioner can increase the output power of the control valve, reduce the lag in the transmission of the regulating signal, accelerate the movement speed of the valve stem, improve the linearity of the valve, overcome the friction of the valve stem and eliminate the influence of unbalanced force. So as to ensure the correct positioning of the control valve.

It is used in conjunction with a pneumatic actuated control valve to form a closed loop control loop. The direct current signal given by the control system is converted into a gas signal for driving the control valve to control the action of the control valve. At the same time, feedback is performed according to the opening of the control valve, so that the valve position can be correctly positioned according to the control signal output by the system.

Common positioners include mechanical positioners with higher cost performance and smart positioners with a higher degree of intelligence.



Product Introduction

It has the following characteristics:

No resonance phenomenon in the range of 5-200HZ;

There is no need to replace parts and only need simple operation to carry out split-range control within 1/2 range;

Zero point and span adjustment is very simple;

Direct action and reverse action can facilitate the speed;

The feedback lever connection is very simple;

The response speed is fast and accurate;

Low air consumption and high cost performance;

Use the orifice of the positioner on small actuators to prevent vibration;

Can be easily connected to the pipeline.

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