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The connection methods of HITORK electric actuator and valve

1. Flange connection:

Flange connection is the most common way of connecting electric actuators and valves, because this method is easy to process, has good sealing effect, and has high working pressure, especially in corrosive media.

2. Shaft connection:

The advantages of shaft connection are small size, light weight, simple structure, and easy disassembly and assembly, so it is mostly used for the connection of part-turn electric actuators and valves. material suitable for corrosion protection.

3. Clamp connection:

The clamp connection is a connection method that is very suitable and can be done with a simple drop, requiring only a simple valve.

4. threaded connection:

Threaded connections are divided into direct seals and indirect seals. Usually lead oil, hemp and polytetrafluoroethylene are used as sealing filling materials, so that the internal and external threads can be directly sealed, or sealed with gaskets.

5. Internal self-tightening connection:

Internal self-tightening connection is a form of self-tightening connection using medium pressure, which is generally applicable to high-pressure valves.

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Post time: Apr-22-2022

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