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HITORK® Electric Actuators with Less Maintenance

Where there are pipelines, there are valves, and where there are valves, there are actuators.
The function of the valve is to change the flow rate and direction of the fluid, and the electric actuator receive instructions from the upper computer and achieves these actions by controlling the valve. The electric actuator is a typical integrated product of machinery, electricity and communication. It is widely used in the fluid control field of the process industry, such as power plant, petrochemical, steel and other industries.
Actuators have been developed for many years and become relatively mature industrial products. There are many brands on the market. Today I will introduce HITORK® electric actuators produced by Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Ltd.
There are three main advantages of HITORK® electric actuator summarized by a technicist in a power plant after using HITORK® electric actuators.

 1. No leakage. The electric actuator he used before leaked lube after a while, especially the hand wheel part when the actuator was installed broadways causing worm gear fray. Because HITORK® electric actuators use special treatment for seals, after using it, the lube leakage problem was solved.
2. High accuracy. In some locations that require high precision, such as fans and desuperheated water, HITORK® electric actuators can basically correspond to commands and feedback, and make the system runs stably.
3. Meet various requirements. For high-temperature and high-vibration locations, Hankun provides split style electric actuators up to 150 meters away; for the easy-to-wet positions, we adopt an extended shaft to raise the actuator; some manual valves are directly converted to electric models through onsite processing.

Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Company Ltd., a company with much experience of flow control, study others’ advantages and keep optimizing products aiming to manufacture the top three products in the world. Hankun is praised by its users after they have used HITORK® electric actuators. The company provides considerate service, such as selection, installation, debugging and solutions. If transformation is needed, it won’t be a problem for clients to worry about the size of electrical interface or mechanical interface. Hankun offers considerate service, adequate supply, short delivery time and quick replies.
Service establishes brand, reputation determines future. Welcome to visit our website: www.hankunfliud.com.mature

Post time: Apr-21-2022

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