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HITORK® Electric Actuators, Optimizing Users’ Experience

Siemens produced the first electric actuator in the world in 1905. The electric actuator, mainly used to control turning on-off and modulation of valves and damper, is the indispensable onsite driving device and widely applied in industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical, power plant, water treatment, building, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food processing, energy, ships, etc. Hankun brand was founded in 2007, dealing with fields like power plant, petrochemical and water treatment and providing professional flow control solutions for clients. The company researched and developed HITORK® electric actuators based on the patent and offers one-year warranty after installation .Technology is the foundation of the company's development, and reputation is the driving force of the company's development.

HITORK® electric actuators have intelligent type and IoT intelligent type, and they can also be customized according to the actual conditions. HITORK® electric actuator has many advantages. The main advantage is that torque and stroke are acquired by absolute encoder, high reliability, free from opening the cover for debugging. It passed Level 3 tests of EMC and RF so it has the strong anti-interference ability. Besides, HITORK® electric actuator can adapt to the condition itself and automatically adjust the braking amount in advance to improve the control accuracy and avoid oscillations. The double wiring board structure effectively improves the sealing performance of the whole machine, facilitates the realization of the split type of electric actuator in order to apply in the high temperature and high vibration conditions. In addition to the traditional infrared remote control, the mobile phone and the electric actuator can be connected via Bluetooth, which increases the operating distance from 1 meter to 20 meters. 


HITORK® electric actuators are used widely in the thermal power industry. The condition of the well in a power plant is wet and dark. The electrical components of the actuator used before often fail to operate due to moisture. After using the HITORK® electric actuators, there has been no failure for 2 years and it solves the problem that users need to go down frequently for maintenance. The coal ash workshop is full of dust and the temperature is high. The actuator used before often appeard the phenomenon of alarms sometimes the worker can not find the cause, maintenance is very troublesome, the use of HITORK® intelligent electric actuator solves the trouble of frequent maintenance.

Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Company Ltd., focusing on the fluid control field, provides many kinds of flow control equipment such as valves, actuators, pumps, and also provides professional solutions and considerate service. Welcome to contact us and visit our website: www.hival.com.cn, if you have any needs of fluid equipment and solutions.

Post time: Apr-15-2021

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