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Commissioning of HITORK Electric Actuators

1.Debug the movement mode of the actuator:

The movement mode of the actuator cannot be wrong, so when debugging, first adjust the multi-turn electric actuator to the ground operation mode and adjust the actuator to the middle position, and observe whether the running direction of the actuator and the valve action direction are consistent. Yes, if it is not the same, change the phases of the power cords.

2.Debug switch limit:

Then debug the limit of the multi-turn electric actuator. First, adjust the valve to the fully closed position, and then use the buzzer of the multimeter to check whether the open point of the closed limit has become the closed point. If it is closed If the point is correct, the close limit should be adjusted until it becomes the close point. Next, debug the open limit position, and use the same method to debug after adjusting the valve to the fully open position.

3.Debug feedback current:

For multi-turn electric actuators, it is very important that the value of the feedback current is correct or not, because the feedback current will directly affect the given signal, so it is necessary to ensure that the feedback current is accurate. When debugging, first turn the multimeter to the milliamp range and connect it to the feedback loop, then adjust the multi-turn electric actuator to the fully closed state, and observe the feedback value of the multimeter.

 If the feedback value is not 4 mA, it means there is Deviation, need to re-commission. In the actual debugging process, there are many other operations, which will not be repeated in this book. However, before officially starting to debug the multi-turn electric actuator, technicians need to carefully check the manuals and drawings provided by the professional manufacturer of multi-turn electric actuators, and carefully follow the drawings and instructions to align the lines and adjust them correctly. The wiring is drawn to ensure that the wiring is correct.


Post time: May-16-2022

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