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HPY series pneumatic and hydraulic actuators provide global customers the latest valve actuation design. It is a highly unique and reliable means of operating ball valves,butterfly valves or plug valves with 90 degree rotating mechanisms.

HPY series actuators share a modular construction design. The center body is available in ten sizes. A pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder can be attached to either or both sides. A spring cartridge can also be fitted to either side of the body for ESD( emergency shutdown ) applications. Modular design of components with replaceable, warehousing and other characteristics, can meet quick delivery time .



Product Introduction

Design and Construction

HPY series pneumatic and hydraulic actuators provide global customers the latest valve actuation design. It is a highly unique and reliable means of operating ball valves, butterfly valves or plug valves with 90 degree rotating mechanisms.

Robust and Lightweight Design

Totally enclosed weatherproof center-body fabricated in carbon steel or ductile iron provides an excellent strength to weight ratio. The mechanism of piston and yoke has an advantageous torque output.

Manual Override Options

A dependable manual override facility is an important part in many valve/actuator applications. Hankun has variety of manual override options available to meet any requirement.

Available options include open or enclosed screws in both gear reducer and declutch override gearbox, as well as a number of hydraulic override solutions.

Extensive Product Range

Hankun offers the most extensive line of fluid power valve actuators. Products include low and high pressure pneumatic, hydraulic and pneumatic-hydralic actuators.

Minimum Maintenance

Every HPY actuator is built to provide long and efficient service with minimum maintenance. The design, engineering and materials used in their construction ensure optimum performance even in the harshest environments.

Complete Control Solutions

Air Control system are an important part of any actuator/valve installation. Hankun has extensive experience in the design and assembly of all types of air control systems to satisfy any customer’s requirement for on/off, control or ESD service. Control units can be mounted on a panel or in a cabinet and mounted either on the actuator or at a remote location.

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