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The second-generation angular stroke electric actuator is based on the HITORK2.0 HKM.2 multi-turn actuator, equipped with a worm gear reducer to achieve angular stroke output, and has all the characteristics of a multi-turn actuator. The combination is flexible and the output torque covers a wide range. It can be directly connected to the valve, and can also be connected with a crank arm or a connecting rod to meet the needs of various working conditions. Mostly used in ball valves and butterfly valves.



Product Introduction

IoT type, bus type

HITORK 2.0 H series IOT intelligent type actuators support IOT communication, single-machine IOT access(GPRS/4G/5G), have more flexible equipment networking, control equipment operating data dynamically, manage online real-time, push fault alarm timely and improve operation efficiency.

Self-built IoT platform can realize product life-long tracking management, expert system, intelligent diagnosis, predictive maintenance reminder, real-time monitoring of WeChat applet, active alarm push, remote support, etc.

At the same time, H series and A series products also support mainstream bus protocols such as PROFIBUS, MODBUS, FF, DeviceNet, and HART.


Split actuators are suitable for high temperature, vibration, and occasions where installation space is limited or inconvenient to operate. Modbus communication is used between the electrical control part and the mechanical part, and the separation distance can be up to 150 meters.

Drive connection

The bottom connection size of the actuator conforms to the ISO 5210 standard. In addition to the standard hollow shaft with keyway, the shaft sleeve can also provide a three-jaw shaft sleeve and a T-thread sleeve that can withstand thrust.

The bottom connection size of the actuator and the type and specifications of the shaft sleeve can also be customized according to the needs of users.

Type: Part-turn

Voltage: 200, 220, 240, 380, 400, 415, 440, 480, 500, 550, 660, 690

Control type: on-off, modulating

Series: intelligent

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