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QW Series

The HITORK® QW Series quarter-turn worm gearbox is mainly used in ball, butterfly and plug valves. It is the optimum choice for process control and regulating in various applications such as power plant, oil&gas, water treatment and general industry. It can be manual operated or motorized under various size and ratio.



Product Introduction

QW series part turn worm gear box is mainly used in ball valve, butterfly valve and damper. It is the best choice for electric power, oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment and conventional industrial process control. There are a variety of models and speed ratios to choose from QW series.

QW series worn gear box is a curve movement type 90 degree rotary bevel gear reducer designed from the user's application concept, and the shape is curvilinear and can be perfectly combined with the product, which is very beautiful. The surface painting meets the requirements of industrial grade and anti-corrosion requirements. Inside rotating part is coated with efficient and environmentally grease which effectively improves the mechanical efficiency of the product, high strength aluminum bronze nuts prevent corrosion and wear, it is equipped with high strength gear processed by numerical control equipment and heat treated. The valve stem protection cover prevents dust and rain from entering the assembly. The output shaft is installed flexibly, and the connection dimension is convenient to process, the input indicator board can clearly indicate the valve position of the matching valve, which is convenient for customers to observe the operation status of the valve.

Torque range from 600nm to 600000nm, Mechanical limit 0-90°(± 10° adjustable) including a total of 11 platforms, each platform can provide multiple transmission ratios for users to choose, and can provide a variety of connection methods and sizes, connection match with ISO5210 standard. The protection grade is IP67, IP68 is optional, and the working environment temperature is - 40℃—120℃.

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