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What is a pneumatic actuated valve and what is the function of it.

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A pneumatic actuated valve is also known as directional control valves, the major function of a pneumatic valve is to switch airflow. These valves are capable to maintain the pressure. The range of pneumatic valves is vast and there are many categories of pneumatic valves. Pneumatic valves are categorized according to their style, type, design principle, type of operation, function, size, and application. The pneumatic valve can do the simplest function of switching a single flow path oppen and close, to the exacting proportional control of pressure and flow rate. The valves which are used in pneumatics mostly have control function, this can be described as the operation of the valve in any process or the controlling of a quantity. A control function requires control energy, we could know the control energy by the mode of actuation it can be manual, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic, HITORK® electric and pneumatic actuator can support all the condition we are waiting for your inquiry!

Post time: Mar-17-2022

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